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Here at Lake Management Inc., we’re a team of professional and certified backyard pond construction contractors who serve Orange County and surrounding areas. Our company began in 1967, so it’s safe to say that we have had years’ worth of experience when it comes to pond management. We’ve worked with many different clients over the years who have requested a wide range of pond styles in various shapes and sizes.

We’re up to date on all of the latest pond and waterfall trends so whatever you want, we can provide it to you. We love it when our customers come to us with new and exciting ideas so we can challenge ourselves and improve our skills even more. When you hire us to install a pond in your backyard, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

The Koi Ponds Specialists

Many of our clients ask for us to construct koi ponds in their yards. Koi ponds are very popular as they bring some life and color to a garden – koi fish ponds are also very peaceful to sit by during the warm summer days. Before we carry out koi pond construction, we let our customers know that koi fish do require care, they can’t just be put in the water and left there. For koi to be healthy, their environment needs to be carefully controlled.

When you ask for us to construct a koi pond in your backyard, you can put your trust in us to create a safe environment. Pond building needs to be correct to ensure success. Koi fish need a concrete pond with drains built into the bottom of it. It must be big enough to accommodate the fish as they can grow to up to 24 inches. The concrete pond will be rendered and fiberglassed, so it’s waterproof and sturdy. When you are building a koi pond, you need to know what you are doing otherwise the environment will not be safe for the koi fish. If you would like a koi pond in your backyard, allow our professional team of contractors to carry out the job.

Pond Maintenance

We don’t just specialize in pond building; we can also carry out maintenance on your koi pond. Koi pond maintenance is imperative if you wish to keep your pond and the koi healthy. A koi pond contractor from Lake Management Inc. can come to your home and carry out the steps below to ensure that your pond is a safe environment for the fish and keep your pond looking beautiful.

Step 1 – The water in your pond is kept clean by a filtration system. During the koi pond maintenance, we make sure that this filter is working and removing the debris and algae from the water.
Step 2 – Your filtration system can’t always remove all of the rubbish from the pond, so we can manually discard the remainder for you.
Step 3 – We ensure that your koi pond is not in direct sunlight by creating shade for it. The pond should have around 60% of shade to protect your koi fish.
Step 4 – Your pond’s water needs to be changed every month. One of our pond technicians can carry out this job for you and ensure that the water and all of the equipment is clean from algae.
Step 5 – Koi fish need to live in water that is at the right temperature. During the maintenance, we can make sure the temperature of your koi pond is safe for the fish.

Koi Pond Plants

With a man made pond, the plants need to be potted. Pond plants can take a backyard pond to a whole new level. They allow the water to look more natural while also being beautiful to look at and adding extra serenity to your pond. Pond plants don’t just look great; they’re also very beneficial to the water – they keep it fresh by filtering it. There are several types of pond plants that we can pot into your pond – during the planning stage; we can discuss with you the kind of water plants that you would like in your koi pond. Not all aquatic plants can co-exist with koi safely; koi plants need to be carefully selected.

Pond Plants – we place koi pond plants on the bottom of the pond, under the water. It doesn’t matter how deep it is; you can put these plants at any depth. These type of water plants grow upwards towards the light on long stems, so their stunning bloom is visible above the water. We often get asked to pot lotus flowers and lilies in our customer’s koi ponds.

Floating Plants – These plants float on the surface of the koi pond water. Some can be hard to control due to them being invasive. An attractive floating plant that we commonly pot in koi ponds is water lettuce.

Bog Plants – With these type of water plants, we need to put them under the water but at the edges of the water. Planting bog plants is an excellent way to filter the pond water naturally. Favorite bog plants that we pot for customers are Iris, Umbrella Palm and corkscrew rush.

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When we provide our services, we never let our customers down. We’re a skilled, reliable and friendly business who couldn’t do our job without our fantastic clients – you mean everything to us. We carry out all of our services with utmost respect shown towards our client and their property. When we have completed our work, we always leave your yard tidy. We provide quality pond care service to our customers.

Whether you need pond liner repair, pond maintenance or you would like a koi pond installation, we are here and more than happy to help you with our pond care service. You can call us today on (949) 309-5140 for any of the services we provide or for a free quote on your koi pond ideas. We hope to hear from you soon.

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